Gareth Dickson

“a distinctive vocabulary of unusual chord changes, diversions and codas. With enough reverb to give a sweet spangly luminosity to the high notes and a drone like undertow on the lower ones, an artist of real originality…. haunting” The Wire Magazine

“ethereal, hazy melancholy” – 4 stars Mojo Magazine

“Dickson’s music creeps in to some deeper unconsciousness or otherworldly space… some kind of waking dream” Decoder Magazine

Based around the acoustic guitar, Gareth Dickson’s songs employ analogue delay and reverb to capture the sounds of the modern ambient/electronic musical landscape as well as referencing some of the well known fingerpickers of the past. Sometimes entirely instrumental, sometimes with sparing vocals, always with the idea of exploring and finding new possibilities for an age old instrument.

He has toured extensively as Vashti Bunyan’s guitarist; playing live from the Carnegie Hall, New York, to the Barbican in London and along the way working with many
pioneering musicians from this generation and previous – including Devendra Banhart, Coco Rosie, David Byrne and Joe Boyd (producer of Nick Drake, The Incredible String Band etc). Dickson has also recorded and toured as a solo artist with Juana Molina (being the only musician other than Juana herself to contribute to her album “Un Dia”) and has played guitar on a film soundtrack by Max Richter.

His first full-length release, Collected Recordings (2009, Drifting Falling) made the top 10 in a number of best of year lists and the two proper albums to follow have been extremely well received by some of the most respected publications in music (including The Wire Magazine, Mojo, Textura etc). Currently releasing with New York label 12k, there is a new album in the works, vinyl re-releases of two previous albums, as well as a live album scheduled for release in the fall of 2014.

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