Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson is a Trenton-based, self-described “punk-rocking rapper” with two albums to his name and a third in the works, the latter slated for late 2013 release. Revenge of the Nerd was recorded in his home studio “The (Sea) Lab” with Wilson handling all engineering and mixing duties. Dready Mercury acted as producer on most tracks while Wade produced “Lanes” and “eeep,” Da Beatminerz (Mr.Walt and DJ Evil Dee) handled “Cha Cha,” Sunny Norway produced “Faded” and Mac Zamillion helmed “‘tallica”.

Wilson is a unique individual, a Wonka-esque conversationalist who can discuss the film “A Clockwork Orange,” the wide-spread but seldom addressed epidemic of clinical depression in Black America and how originality was put on trial by mainstream society in the ‘90’s with equal insight and aplomb. His delivery is lively and engrossing whether you agree with his ideas and opinions or not. Smart as a whip, Wade sounds like a college professor. His visual style embraces Rasta dreads and black-painted fingernails. He’s a lovely complex of apparent contradictions.

Wade Wilson was born in Atlantic City, NJ and attended Middle and High School at various points outside Chapel Hill, NC but most of his “firsts” took place in Trenton: learning to ride a bike, getting moving out on his own, spitting his first raps and discovering punk rock. Trenton is his home. He recorded and released his first two self produced albums in 2010 – Superbad and The Re.Hash working in the basement of his aunt’s house and in his apartment, “The Attic at Beatty,” both in Trenton.

“Wade Wilson” is not his given name. Being a comic book fan, he conceptualized his rap persona as a fictional character, “He’s not a good guy and not necessarily a bad guy;” also he had a childhood friend he looked up to named Wade.



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