Fun Page[the wuelfing discography]

The Look (1975 – 1976)
Robert Goldstein: guitars
Teamon Treadway: lead vocals
Chris Thompson: drums
Howard Wuelfing: bass, vocals
(guitar player went on to form the Urban Verbs, recorded two albums
for WB – recently re-issued on an indie label; drummer formed Tiny Desk Unit)

The Afrika Korps (1977)
Many assorted musicians from The Look, Slickee Boys, Gizmos and Teenage Boys, etc.
Music To Kill By (Gulcher) 1977
reissued on CD (Gulcher 405) 2001
HW contributes bass and vocals to Till The End Of The Day, Breaking Out, Iggy (recently re-issued on Gulcher Records)

Slickee Boys (1976 – 1978)
Kim Kane: guitar, vocals
Marshall Keith: lead guitar, vocals
Dan Palenski: drums
Martha Hull: lead vocals
Howard Wuelfing: bass, vocals
(this group went on for many, many years with a different lead singer and bass player and became E. Coast cult favorites)

Mersey Mersey Me (Limp) 1976
Separated Vegetables (Dacoit 1001) 1977
(appears on Control)
Here To Stay (Line 5170) 1982
(contains the 5 tracks from Mersey Mersey Me)
Somewhat Of An Anthology (Dacoit 120101, CD) 2001 (contains 2 songs from MMM)

Nurses (1978 – 1981)
Marc Halpern: guitar
Howard Wuelfing: vocals, bass
Harry Raab: drums
Sherry Deatrick: keyboards, vocals
Cathy Hutzell: drums
Ricky Briefs: drums
Heart c/w Cardiac Arrest
(Round Raoul Records 005) 1979
Love You Again c/w I Will Follow You
(Teen-a-Toons Records) 1980
Running Around c/w Tina’s Smile
(Limp Records 011) 1981
D.Y.F. c/w Bad Mood (Dacoit Records 008) 1981

Nurses Extant – 5 single box set of all the above + Reind Dears single
(Teen-A-Toons 4, cassette only) 1982 (live album containing two live concerts)
Studious Behavior
(Teen-A-Toons 5/Limp 1008C, cassette only) 1982 (previously unreleased studio recordings)
Destroy Your Friends
(Hyped2Death #102, CD) 2002 (compilation of both cassette-only releases – perhaps in print and perhaps not
Appearances on compilations
I Can Explain – on :30 Seconds Over D.C.
(Limp 1001) 1979
Something To See & Viola D’Amour – on The Best Of Limp (Limp 1004) 1980 [now set for re-issue via Henry Rollins and DisChord in ’04]
Running Around & Tina’s Smile – on Connected
(Limp 1005)
Rubberheads – on Sub Pop magazine No. 5 cassette

The Reind Deers (1978)
Howard Wuelfing: vocals, bass
Danny Frankel: drums
Tommy Kane: guitar
Martha Hull: vocals
Amy Tract: vocals
Marc Halpern: lead guitar and sleigh bells

(members of the Shirkers, Pin-Ups, Urban Verbs and Nurses doing a one off)
Xmas (Is Going To Bring Me…) c/w White Christmas (Limp) 1978

Underheaven (1981 – 1983)
Don Zientara: vocals, guitar
Mark Jickling: guitar, vocals
Rich Labrie: drums
Howard Wuelfing: vocals, bass
Appearances on compilations
Time Does Not Confine Her – on Sub Pop magazine no. 9 cassette 1982

(Don Zientara had been and still is proprietor of DC’s most infamous punk recording studio Inner Ear – just released a solo record on Ian MacKaye’s District Line albel; Mark Jickling was also in Half Japanese at the time)

Half Japanese (1983 – 1985)
Jad Fair: vocals, guitar
David Fair: vocals, guitar
Mark Jickling: guitar vocals
John Dreyfuss: sax
Rich Labrie: drums
Howard Wuelfing: bass

Horrible (Press 2005) 1982
Sing No Evil (Drag City, CD) 1984, reissued 2001
Greatest Hits (Time Bomb 12, CD) 1993
We Are They Who Ache With Amorous Love (Psycho Acoustic, CD) 1990
Greatest Hits (Safe House, 2 CD set) 1995
(Jad Fair continues to lead this group to the present day)

Love Pushers (1984 – 1986)
Jim Testa: guitar vocals
Jim DeRogatis: drums
Mick London: lead guitar, vocals
Howard Wuelfing, lead vocals, bass

Appearances on compilations:
Radio Girl – on Hanging Out At Midnight (Midnight 127) 1986
(somewhat notable for featuring 3 active rock critics: DeRogatis – R Stone, Chicago Sun Times, several books, Jim Testa – has published Jersey Beat for 20 years and continues to freelance, HW writing for Spin, Creem, Forced Exposure during this period)

Various collaborations with the Windbreakers
Howard & Tim’s Paid Vacation
Tim Lee: vocals, guitars
Howard Wuelfing: vocals, bass

I Never Met A Girl I Didn’t Like (Midnight 117) 1985
Bobby Sutliff
HW contributes bass and backing vocals to Sutliff’s Only Ghosts Remain album (PVC 8957) 1987
covered HW’s Love Pushers song, Things We Never Say, as the B side of I’ll Be Back single (DB 82) 1986
(Windbreakers comprise guitarist/vocalists Tim Lee and Bobby Sutliff, Nurses fans who sought out HW for beer and skittle

Howard & Jag’s X-Mas Vacation
Greg Strzempka: guitars, drums, vocals
Howard Wuelfing: vocals, bass, guitar
Appearances on compilations
Wreck These Halls – on Oh! No! Not Another…Midnight Christmas Mess Again!! (Midnight 135) 1986
(a one-off with leader of Raging Slab, an old friend from DC)


[news brief]

Howard has been writing about music since the 70’s, starting with his high school newspaper “Petrock,” then his college paper the Rutger’s “Targum” and thereafter for Zoo World, The Village Voice, Creem, Washington Post, Spin, Forced Exposure, Jersey Beat and Your Flesh.