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Athens, Greece-based Night On Earth is a group comprised of eight musicians of diverse musical backgrounds and influences that emerged from an improvisation that was performed live by Paracroussis, a devoted post-music sound collective.

Their musical style can be portrayed as a puzzle of trip hop and blues noir and the band cites Portishead, Bjork, Billie Holliday, Kyuss, Tom Waits and Mazzy Star among their many influences; however, their sound is more influenced by the images of Jim Jarmusch and Wong Kar Wai than a specific musical movement. NOE creates a jazzy mood under an improvising spirit, and blends trippy and moody soundscapes that conjure up cinematic references and their live shows are accompanied by visuals, short films and performance.

Night On Earth’s new album, Second Hand, which will be released on October 27th on Upstar/SIN/Greece, is another post-rock masterpiece. Second Hand is a collaboration with producer Thanassis Papakonstantinou and all of the record’s tracks are based on Papakonstantinou originals. Some of the great Greek musicians that contributed on the album include Lampis Kountouroyiannis and Dimitris Aronis (both Modrec forces), Fotis Siotas, Pantelis Stoikos, Digital Alkemist, Yiorgos Georgiades, Marily Milia, and Sofia Eukleidou.

NOE released their debut self-titled double album in November 2006 on the independent Greek label Outlandish Recordings. In keeping with their cinematic leanings, three tracks off their debut record were featured on the soundtracks of “Roz” (Pink), a film by Alexandros Voulgaris, and “Kleftes” (Thieves), a film by Makis Papadimitratos.


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Recently, Night On Earth finished recording and editing the film score for Thanassis Totsikas & Giorgos Pantazopoulos' short film, “Hoy No Vengo A Cenar.”

In addition to their full-band performances, Night On Earth also perform in additional configurations. Under the name Night On Earth “In a silent way”, they play as an acoustic trio, and as Night On Earth “impro”, members of the band improvise alongside with guest musicians.

The band describes their music as “a never-ending trip with thick soundwalls and melodic whirls” and if you like Sigur Ros, Cinematic Orchestra, Mogwai and Fugazi then you’ll love this band.

Band Members
SOPHIA vocals
COSTINHO piano / rhodes
JUANITO violin
KLEITOS sax / flute / visuals
LAGOS (infected) guitar




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